Global Village

Global Village, founded by Tatjana Rudenko & Marthy Hecker, is a project that researches the effects of online communication, exposure to virtual reality and the use of screen gadgets on individual and societal development.

Art, creative exercises and interactions are the tools that we use to invite you on this journey of researching and focusing on how digitalization contributes to our daily lives.

This project offers and opens a space to talk about the aspects of individual and common user experience (such as who uses who), thus promoting a more conscious, responsible and self-determined consumption of the fruits we bear through our technological achievements.

The Global Village experience as :

  • a performance
  •  research sessions / workshops / pedagogical project
  • Free Online Series

Booking and contact for more information:  / +31 650 827 907

Performance: Global Village

The Performance Global Village centers around the connection to social media and the constant evolving possibilities for social exchange through our smartphones. It’s aim is to promote dialogue on the subject.

What lies behind the urge to get a “Like”? Why do we check our phones every few seconds to see if we have a new message? We get the most current news delivered within milliseconds in the palm of our hands. Is it the longing for human contact, or are we truly addicted to our smartphones?

Created by Tatjana Rudenko and Marthy Hecker, the performance presents various situations in which the opportunity is given for reflection of the normality of this day in age, through the user- experience of the smartphone. The performance is so constituted that the audience is confronted with the theme of being online/offline, so that the “smart reality” is experienced, through the use of a projector.

The creation process is a result of collaborative effort of various artists. In the search for the expression the performers worked with and were inspired by elements of eurythmical dance, mixed movement, video art and music.

The accompanying music was produced by “The Mañana People” exclusively for this production.

Concept, Choreography, Performers, Costumes and light design: Marthy Hecker, Tatjana Rudenko | Musicians: Alvaro Arango, Tim Weissinger | Choreography in collaboration with: Gia van den Akker, Melaine MacDonald | Supervision and Coaching: Helga Mattke, Johanna Kunetskyi, Jaschar Markazi Noubar | Filming: Ekaterina Soorsk, Marthy Hecker, Tatjana Rudenko | Videos editing: Kristina Rudenko, Marthy Hecker, Matthias Schausten | Animation: Kristina Rudenko | Photographer: Neil Baynes, Micaela Alaniz

Research Sessions / Workshops / Pegagogical Projects

What are the effects of online communication? What does the immersion of virtual reality offer? What impact does the use of smartphones and screen devices have on us? Questions such as these and others will be offered at our research sessions / workshops / pedagogical projects. With a customized offer we can handle the themes of online bullying, constant availability, social/gaming addiction, digital art, privacy, hacking and more.

  • We always treat the topics in combination with movement exercises to make them tangible and real.
  • We offer support so that everyone can deal creatively with the topics individually and in the group.
  • We offer exercises so that the topics can be experienced
  • We provide thematic input, as food for dialogue, where self- perception and personal experiences are central.

The sessions / workshops / project can have one or more focal points and can be agreed upon before it takes place.

Booking and contact for more information:  / +31 650 827 907

Series: Global Village

The digital mission of the two artists, Tatjana Rudenko & Marthy Hecker, are going viral. That's why they started making the Global Village series from April 2020. Step by step, they explore the world of zeros and ones, and in an experimental way, investigate the relationship between technology and humans with the aim of entering into a dialogue about it.

Along the way, we encountered several artists who joined us in the boat. The animator Kristien Rudenko has also taken this mission to her heart and has become part of the team from England.

Teaser: Global Village - Should I Sneak Off?

Episode 1: Global Village - Should I Sneak Off?